Maintenance Requests

Maintenance Requests

Pinacle Construction Maintenance Request Form

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661 SE 162nd Ave.
Portland, OR 97233

Tel. (503) 719-7364
After Hours. (503) 317-8819

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Use a mouse, stylus, your finger (on touch devices) or type in the "type it" tab. Important: Drawing or typing your name here is the digital equivalent of a physical signature, by signing this form you agree that all of the information you provide here is true and correct and that the name you represent here is your full and legal name. Additionally, by signing you are agreeing you understand what this means.

Legal Disclaimer

Resident agrees that this request authorizes Owner/Agent to enter the premises without notice at reasonable times to perform the repairs/maintenance. This authorization expires after seven (7) days unless the repairs/maintenance are in progress and Owner/Agent is making reasonable effort to complete the repairs/maintenance, in which event Resident authorizes entry at reasonable times in excess of seven (7) days until repairs/maintenance are completed.

By pressing the submit button, Resident also agrees that Owner/Agent’s staff may conduct a preventative maintenance inspection while in the unit and, to the extent practical, do any necessary repairs. If it is not practical to perform the repairs in conjunction with the repairs requested by Resident under Management & Repair Request, a new notice of entry will be given foe the new repair work.

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